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Individual therapy in Norwich

My aim is to help my clients live more fulfilling and positive lives. I encourage my clients to better understand themselves, and then together we develop the resources and resilience needed to manage difficult thoughts and feelings.

At the heart of the work, is a supportive therapeutic relationship. Clients can expect to be met with warmth, acceptance and positivity, and have their problems properly listened to and understood.

Initially, we might develop a practical approach to alleviating the symptoms of psychological distress, such as anxiety or overthinking. Then, as the therapeutic relationship develops, we might move on to more significant work, such as exploring a client's challenging emotions and thoughts and considering how they might have been influenced by past experiences. 

I believe how a person relates to themself influences their relationships with others. If a client can become more self-aware, reflective and compassionate, then they will have more control over how they respond to events and those around them. 

Some of the concerns that bring people to me include:

  • Anxiety, depression, stress, grief and loneliness

  • Low confidence and fragile self-esteem

  • Self-criticism, moodiness and anger  

  • Abuse, trauma and emotional neglect

  • Addictions and compulsive behaviours

  • Problems in relationship, such as people pleasing and co-dependency

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Relationship counselling in Norwich

I am committed to helping couples build stronger, more authentic and sustainable relationships. Poor communication lies at the heart of relationship problems. Couples can easily switch off to each other’s emotional experience and end up feeling unseen and ignored.  

As a couples counsellor in Norwich, I seek to improve how partners speak to one another and encourage them to really hear what is being said. Successful couples therapy also helps to rebuild that caring bond between partners and reminds them why they fell in love in the first place. 

I acknowledge that early experiences can shape the way people relate to themselves and others in adulthood. How we learned to attach to others as a child can influence the way we relate in romantic or close adult relationships. Couples counselling in my Norfolk practice offers the opportunity to explore these dynamics and provides a vehicle for growth and change.

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